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Stainless Steel Vaccum Double Walled Beer Bottle


Stainless Steel Vaccum Double Walled Beer Bottle Insulator Can Opener Insulated Cooler Accessories Keeper Insulators Holder Gifts

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COOL GIFTS FOR BEER LOVERS: Includes Stainles Bottom Insulator With Complete Accessory

INNOVATION FEATURES: Rubber Grommet Gasket On The Bottom To Hold Cans Or Bottles Very Tighly So When Opened Its Secured From Falling Away

DESIGNED WITH PERFECTION: Included Is A Silicone Sealer Cap To Keep The Drink Crisp And Fresh When Not In Use

IMPRESSIVE TEMPERATURE VARIANCES: Keeps Drinks Frosty Cold Or Hot For Hours With Eco Friendly & BPA Free Construction

PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASIONS: Whether Its a Party, Camping, BBQ, Fishing Beach Sports Or Any Occasion, Our Product Guarantees Highest And Best Results or YOUR MONEY IS GUARANTEED 100% BACK

VENERA Frosty Beer 2 Go is the ultimate beer chiller combination for beer bottles as well beer cans 20X COLDER: VENERA Vacuum Insulated Double walled stainless steel with an extra copper layer that keeps your drinks 20x colder, so that your last sip has the same refreshing kick as the first EASY TO USE and ALL in ONE: Includes a built in Beer Bottle opener. Simply push your drink and the push-lock technology will keep it in place. PERFECT SIZE and PARTY IN STYLE: Perfect size for ANY beer can or bottle. No Mugs required. Flaunt in style at beach bashes, camping adventures, garden BBQs, fishing trips or game nights NO SWEAT: There won’t be condensation no matter how cold your drink is; so no more sweaty palms from holding your beer bottles and cans. No condensation rings on your expensive furniture


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